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22 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello, my name is Wendy Nicholson, I have been working on our family genealogy, in the Middle River area MacNaughtons and MacRaes. I have spoken to Peggy Macleod and she is kindly sending me the publication on the cemetery. I mentioned I have a very old album given to me by my late aunt Anna MacKenzie, I believe it belonged to my Great Grandmother Isabella (MacNaughton) MacRae, some photos are labeled although I don’t know by whom. One is labeled Grandpa and I think it must be John MacNaughton, many of them are the old tintypes. If anyone is interested I could scan the photos and email them, would love to put more names to these ancestors!

    • Hi there Wendy
      My name is Elaine MacRae; my father was Douglas MacRae, son of Tom MacRae (West Middle River) and Annebelle Nicholson (grew up in the ‘stone house’, upper end of West Middle River).
      I always understood we were related to MacNaughtons (used to visit with Dave MacNaughton, St Patrick’s Channel).
      Sounds like we are related.

    • Hi Wendy:

      Just seeing your above post dated 2014. We’ve had problems with different people setting up M.R. websites and then discontinuing looking after them. We are hoping to have a permanent and active one set up before too long.
      My suggestion would be the next time you are in Baddeck, if you were able to see Mabel (Bentick) Nicholson in Middle River, she could probably identify some of the older pictures for you. She has a connection with your descendants.
      Hope all is well with you.
      Peggy MacLeod

  2. This coming summer the family of Mike and Shirley Hughes are planning to have a family reunion in Middle River. There are many details yet to be decided but as of now we have a reunion date set for Aug long weekend 2015. We are hoping to have posters put out closer to the date as an open invite to everyone that knows the family.

  3. My grandmother Christine Ann MacKenzie born to John Donald Mackenzie and Christine Nicholson. Peggy MacLeod was so gracious to guide my cousin Joan Winwood and I in our search when we visited her in Middle River a few years ago.

    • I am a descendant of the McCharles family who used to live in Middle River and of the families who immigrated to Waipu New Zealand.
      While reading this post the name Joan Winwood brought back a memory of a girl who visited our family in the 70’s and we would love to contact her again.

  4. Please see my comment on history page. Rex”s parents journeyed with a Clan McLeod group to Nova Scotia in 1983 hosted by Clan McLeod group of Nova Scotia. They unfortunatly didnt stop in Middle River. They understood Great Grandparents grave also in Middle River Donald and Ann (Morrison) Campbell.

  5. following on from previous post on this home page. The name has been muddled in my Father In Laws memory. Correct name of his relatives are Donald and Ann (Morrison) McLeod. Donald is Son of John ‘Og’ McLeod.

  6. Hello! I noticed postings about the MacNaughtons! My great-grandmother was Christine Ellen MacNaughton, her father was Duncan MacNaughton, and I believe they were from Pictou. Christie MacNaughton emmigrated to the US some time in the early turn of the century, marrying Gilbert Vernon Harrison and living in Rhode Island. I would LOVE to connect with my Nova Scotia family. I know my grandfather, Gilbert Duncan Harrison often went back to Nova Scotia with his mother later on in life. I was born Christine Reed Harrison; named for my great-grandmother. Oh and yes, indeed I joined Clan MacNaughton.

  7. My name is Tom Rae. My mother was Charlotte MacRae (married 63 years to Jim Rae). My mother passed away on Dec 3rd 2016 and she was the last sibling in her family. Her brothers and sisters were David, Fred, Margaret, and Vida. Charlotte had two children, myself and my sister – Mary Louise Elizabeth Rae (last name now Casey). My wife and I have one son – Kaelan Rae and my sister and her husband have 2 children – Thomas and Stephanie. I’m travelling now and will save this link for when I get home and perhaps can post more if it is wanted.

  8. My Great Grandmother was Katie Nicholson she Married Edger Rockwell, my great Aunt was Katherine MacLeod, I grew up hearing about Middle River and have always wondered about relatives in that area….my cousin Brain Mason still lives in Beddeck ….My Dad is Burns Edgar Rockwell…I know Katie had a sister who also married a Rockwell

    Bonnie Marie Rockwell

  9. Looking to see if I can find more relatives My grand father was allister Macrae married to Florence maccharles in Sydney mines. Allisters father was Donald angus Macrae married to Mary L Macdonald, Donald angus went by Daniel. Donald angus father would have been Alexander Macrae and Margaret Macdonald and Alexander’s parents were Murdoch Macrae and Christianna finlayson and then I think a John Macrae was his father but I’m not sure on anymore, I know Donald angus went to Boston to become and undertaker and came back and had “D.A MacRae & Son funeral service” just trying to find out more, and I heard my great great great great grand parents house still stands in middle river , thanks

  10. I’m trying to get name of parents to Angela Ann “Angie” MacDonald b. May 8 1940. She was married to Placide Aucoin, both residing on a farm at bottom of Hunter’s Mountain. I believe she has re-married and now living in Englishtown.

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